About the Medical Reserve Corps Nationwide

The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a network of community-based, citizen volunteer Medical Reserve Corps units, which have been initiated and established after 9/11 for use in their communities. Medical Reserve Corps Units provide health professionals and others an organized mechanism through which they can volunteer their time and skills to strengthen their communities by preparing for and responding to large-scale emergencies (e.g., influenza epidemic, or act of terrorism). An organized, well-trained MRC unit means that volunteers:
  • Can effectively respond to an emergency within the initial 12 to 72 hour critical period to augment medical staff shortages
  • Are familiar with their community’s response plan
  • Know what materials are available for their use
  • Know who their partners in the response are
  • Know where their skills can best be utilized in a coordinated manner
Program Overview
Today the Medical Reserve Corps program:
  • Supports 991 units and 206,308 volunteers from the 50 states
  • Illinois has 75 units with over 4,211 active volunteers
  • MRC units have taken on major responsibilities for providing medical and non-medical volunteers for major disasters
  • MRC units have been activated for Katrina, Wild Fires in California and Florida and other disasters large and small throughout the US
  • The MRC has become an important part of our health care team
The MRC is one way that you can volunteer to strengthen our communities and nation.